Claims for serious injuries after Burglars Stole About $5K Oklahoma Casino Winner

Oklahoma police keep looking at an account of a guy that robbers have attacked his home, beaten him violently and took about $5,000. He won the cash at a local gambling estate. The event started in the midst of a last night. According to the narrative of the victim, the masked bandits kicked at his Lawton online casino Singapore, O.K. front door, as reported in local press. One of the duo held a gun. The sufferer had been knocked down to an unconscious condition. The thieves probably stole a cell phone and money. He contacted his mum when he arrived. She took him to a hospital in the area.

He reported to the police that his skull, orbital and nasal fractures were present. In his brain, too, he endured haemorrhage. He received treatment for many days in the intensive care section of the hospital, according to his testimony to the police, the local TV station KFDX said. He also informed the cops that he won the money at Lawton’s Comanche Nation Casino. He told a girlfriend about the money shortly after his windfall. He thought that the thieves may have tipped the casino cash away. There was no identification of the victim. In the apartment he lives alone.

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Previous Crime Casino

In a separate occurrence, a large jury charged a defendant with suspected fire at the Comanche Nation Casino’s parking lots. The suspect, Michael Oloa of Lawton, was forbidden to access KSWO, a local TV station Singapore betting online, the Comanche Nation Casino. But Oloa went to the gambling facility on May 25. Police of the Comanche Nation went on the game floor up to Oloa. They requested an ID from him. First, he gave a false identity what the police stated.

Soon, he rushed off and went to the car park. At least one cop reportedly fired a shot. They attempted using a taser to shock him. But he might still go to a nearby complex of apartments. There he got arrested. Oloa’s crime narrative was afterwards examined by police. Police claimed that he was not allowed to own a gun. He was convicted of crimes because, KSWO said. He was charged with attacking a federal officer and firearms when he was a convicted offender, says the report. If he is convicted on two crimes, he may face up to 20 years in jail, the article said.

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Gradually Reopen Lucky Star Casinos

Six Lucky Star Casinos in Oklahoma were briefly shut down in another unknown occurrence after a ransomware assault last month. Some sites have reopened since then. Watonga reopened Saturday for example. For example. Earlier reopened Concho and Clinton.

Unknown rescue

Lucky Star didn’t comment on whether the people responsible for the cyber assault were demanding a ransom online casino SG 12Joker. The tribal casino is the newest of a series of Native American resorts attacked in recent times.


Last week, when it too was the target of an attack, the Casino Resort Menominee in Wisconsin was shuttered. And last October, three weeks after a cyber assault, the Cache Creek Casino Resort in Northern California was shuttered.

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