Money In Casinos

5 Tricks To Save Your Money In Casinos

Has it ever occurred to you that you are losing way more money in a casino than you should be, even when you have complete control over your money? We think that we are in control of our money and time when in reality, we forget to keep the count and start leaking money. How do the hardworking people who value their money lose to the house easily? The answer is in the design of the casino and how it runs its games. No matter how lucky everyone will feel in a casino, the house will always win. There are elements of illusion around the casino that subconsciously keeps the players busy. Here is what you need to know about casinos so you can save your money and time.

Chips instead of money

When you bet with real money, you will actually feel the difference between your stacks after you keep losing. However, when you have chips, you will never realize that you have lost more than ever. This is because the chips offer the texture that makes players keeping fidgeting them. Players like handing at the tables with the chips. It is a trick by the casinos to dissociate you from real money, so you keep playing.

Money In Casinos

No clocks in the casinos

Casinos do not want you to know how long you have been inside. That is why you will never spot a clock inside a casino. If you care about your time, always wear a watch to a casino. It will help you leave the tables when you reach your time limit.

Free beverages

Do not fall for their nice gesture of free drinks while you are playing. Although it is quite comforting, free drinks are just a method to keep you playing. Drinking also affects your decision-making, which will allow casinos to win more from your losses. Come to think of it, when you lose $100, getting a $10 drink for free is actually not the best deal. You still lose $90.

Free beverages

Maze-like floor

The gaming floor is planned to keep the players lost between slot machines and video games. The maze-like layout of the casino is intended to attract players towards the games as they try to find their way. Having so many games around you can easily make you play one or two more games while you try to look for an exit. That is where you lose your extra money.

Free rooms and services

When you visit a casino and play long enough, you will receive special rewards like a free room and a restaurant pass. While this may seem like the best reward, it is meant to keep you in the casino. If you play, more the casino will know that you have money to spend. So they offer you a room to keep you there. Now, you do not have to go out of the casino, and chances are you will play again when you wake up the next day.